Recent Newsletters

  • Hear two amazing testimonies of God's grace in our Fall 2022 Newsletter. Also hear about how the Safe Harbor house has been used this year and what went on at the One Way Festival in August.

  • We had an amazing turn out at our Beauty From Ashes Banquet! We had a great night of gathering to share a meal and worship together. We heard beautiful testimonies of God’s love, grace, mercy, goodness, and faithfulness.

  • ATLAS has a new Director! We are excited to introduce you to her in our Winter 2022 Newsletter. For more information about our new Director and what's been happening at ATLAS, please click the link to open our newsletter.

  • PLANT SEEDS AND PRAY - ATLAS Volunteer Mentor Mary Olson’s approach to mentoring could be summed up as “Plant Seeds and Pray.” She entrusts each mentoring meeting to God through prayer and she says, “I just want to plant seeds that help people grow in Jesus.”

  • THE POWER OF THE GOSPEL - Jeff's story demonstrates the power of the gospel in a hurting life. Through Jesus, Jeff found freedom from drinking, shame, self-harm as well as freedom to forgive. Jeff says he never would have known Jesus like he does if it wasn't for Scott, his mentor from ATLAS. 

  • GREAT IS HIS FAITHFULNESS - ATLAS of West Central Minnesota celebrates five years of ministry in the Willmar area. 

  • DRAWING CLOSER TO GOD - Kari's relationship with Barb, her volunteer mentor from ATLAS, shows what is possible when we set our fears aside and surrender ourselves to what God is doing in our lives. 

  • TOUCHING LIVES TOGETHER - The word “together” is not included in the mission of ATLAS lightly. Making disciples together in community with other believers is not simply good ministry strategy, it is essential to our lives as Christians.